Day 1 (July 21st, 2012): Welcome to The Daily Bowers!

Hello everyone and welcome to my (hopefully) daily blog posts!
Obviously if you are familiar with the Daily Paul, that is what my blog name is inspired from.
Yes, I am a strong advocate for Dr. Ron Paul and am hoping that he still does well in Tampa this year.

Anyway, so I’m not sure exactly what I hope to achieve with these posts, but I really want to get back into some sort of daily blogging. I did try daily vlogging but that has never done well, because I kept getting off track with them and ended up not doing them quite frequently. So I’m going to try these and see how they go!

Sometimes my posts might be about the happenings in the GOP, Politics, Paulitics, the RNC, stuff like that. They also may be about my ‘Stop Cyberbullying!’ campagin, or they may just be about random things in my life!

Regardless, thank you for taking the time to check this out and please vote in the poll below if you have the time 🙂

Thank you all and I will see you all tomorrow!





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