Day 2 (July 22nd, 2012): Randomness in My Life!

Hey everyone!

So yesterday I actually had to wake up early. I had to wake up at like 9. I’ve been sleeping in til like 12 or 12:30 every day, so waking up at 9 even WITH cappuccino was a challenge for me, haha. We made a trek up to Michigan for a small cook-out/party to celebrate my brother’s wedding, so that was a happy time. 🙂 

Today when I go to church, I’ll be able to hear the new Pastor preach for the first time (as I was on vacation the last time he preached.) When my dad and the other two pastors left, they were replaced with a married  couple, and the couple switches the services they do every other week. So I’ve heard Becky preach, so tomorrow it will be time to hear Jeff preach! I will say I am pretty excited!

Other than that though nothing is really going on tomorrow! If I have time tomorrow, (during the afternoon), perhaps I will add some to this and tell you all about my ‘Stop Cyberbullying!’ campaign, because I really do want to let you know of that at some point soon.

Well stay tuned!



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