Day 3 (July 23rd, 2012): It’s a day late, I apologize!

Sorry for the late post. I was out of town all day and didn’t get back til late, and I didn’t remember to do this until just now!


So yesterday, I drove up to Wauseon to hang out with one of my best friends, Eva. We went and saw Spiderman, and I’ll admit that it was a pretty good movie. I’d definitely say it was better than the first three! So after that we drove to her house in Swanton and i met her parents and we ate dinner and all that and then just pretty much hung out for the day. It was pretty nice 🙂 and now its Facebook official haha so I shall share it here that Eva and I are dating 😀 It’s pretty amazing. I mean, I’ve never been one to be extremely overjoyed about long-distance relationships. But this one seems different. When I was on vacation in the Cayman Islands, Eva and I were hundreds and hundreds of miles away from each other, but we grew even closer then. So I think when we’re less than an hour away from each other, it’s good. Because we’re not too far from each other, but we’re not too close. Because I think you can be too close. If you see someone every day, you start to a) grow tired of each other and b) take it for granted. And if you take it for granted, then when it doesn’t happen you get all upset. Not to mention, when you don’t see someone as often, it tends to mean more. Those are just my thoughts at least, so I’m pretty optimistic that it’s going to work out.

That’s really it for today though. My post tomorrow (or today’s post, more of) might (at least partially) be Ron Paul related as the debate and vote on the Audit the Fed bill is going on! I’m excited to hear what comes out of that.

Anyway, until the post that was supposed to be for today, I’ll see you all later!



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