Day 6 ( July 26th, 2012): Ohio State (Lima Campus) College Visit!!

So today, we went and visited the Lima Campus of THE Ohio State University.

All in all, I’ve gotta say I am REALLY impressed with it. It’s not too large of a campus, which is good, because I don’t know if I want to jump right into college with a massive campus. Not only that, but they talked about how they have a bunch of programs to help the incoming freshman get to know things and how they have guidance counselors and the whole shebang ready to help us if we need it. The student housing site looks really nice, and they mentioned that they try to do a lot to get you involved with others, which sounds great. I think it was mentioned that they do a lot of intramural sports on campus like Dodgeball and Sand Volleyball which sounds awesome and are things that I would love to take part in. In addition to that, they mentioned that someone had started a Running Club, so while at the Lima Campus, I could still potentially get some running in while not being on a XC team. There’s a Pep Band, which I would be able to be involved with as well. And our tour guide said how the campus has many fun activities that are organized, one of them being ‘Humans Vs. Zombies’ in October, which sounds both hilarious and awesome. ( There’s an article about it. Another reason it sounds great to me is, since i’m considering majoring in Political Science, the lady suggested I minor in one of their new degrees, Public Affairs, which deals with managing, running a campaign, or running for office, things like that. Which if I truly do want to run for Congress, that could be significant help to me! So if I decided to go to The Ohio State University in Lima, I could either go there for 1 or 2 years transfer (I would have to after 2 for my major) to the main campus in Columbus. So I am seriously considering this college. It was a great campus, there was many things about it that I enjoyed, and the Public Affairs degree seemed to be the icing on the cake. I’m visiting BGSU tomorrow so we’ll see how that goes! 🙂 Stay tuned as always!




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