Day 8 (July 28th, 2012): Bit of a down day!

I didn’t really do a whole lot today; just watched some YouTube videos and played some Call of Duty. I don’t really mind though, what with the 2 college visits the past two days and this being one of my last free days this summer. Monday I start band camp.. every morning for 2 weeks. And in a week I start Cross Country. So my summer’s essentially over except for weekends. 😦

I’m pretty excited for marching band this year though. We’re going to the Liberty Bowl in Tennessee this year during christmas break. I hope that our show is good this year though. My freshman year was a Guitar Hero show and I love it. Sophomore year was an Offspring show and it was pretty okay. Last year I didn’t really like it at all. It was Born This Way, I Like It, and Alive and Amplified (the only song I liked of the 3). I’m hoping for some good music this year, and if the football team makes the playoffs, that’d be even better. (We made the playoffs my freshman year and got to go to a game in Columbus, but no other year yet.) My freshman year we also went to a BGSU game vs Boise state and got to play in the Halftime show doing the Thriller Dance! It was pretty fun! Sophomore year we did the Numa Numa song (from YouTube) and did the dance to that which was also awesome. There wasn’t any dancing last year.. but will there be this year..? Hmmm..

That’s about all I got today. Stay tuned! 🙂




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