The Daily Paul is inspired by Ron Paul (September 10th, 2012)

So up until recently, the Daily Paul showed off a picture in the top corner that told everyone that it was inspired by Dr. Ron Paul. However, they just took it down without warning a few days ago. Many people were angered and outraged by the removal of the photo, myself included. There wasn’t any justification for removing the photo. It wasn’t causing harm to anyone, and it’s really just an act of disrespect towards Dr. Paul. The mods responded by saying that it wasn’t all about Ron Paul anymore and how we don’t want to make it (the Daily Paul) a shrine to Ron Paul. I’m furious at the fact that the mods seem to think that we’re just a bunch of ‘Ron Paul’ worshippers. On top of that, yes, maybe it’s not all about Ron Paul anymore. But that doesn’t change the fact that Ron Paul inspired the Daily Paul and the movement. We wouldn’t be anywhere right now without his inspiration. I’m really considering now making my own website for the movement that will actually give Ron Paul the respect he deserves.. stay tuned on that.

One Response to “The Daily Paul is inspired by Ron Paul (September 10th, 2012)”
  1. Aaron says:

    I like reading your stuff Tyler. You should update more. 🙂

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