Day 2 (July 22nd, 2012): Randomness in My Life!

Hey everyone! So yesterday I actually had to wake up early. I had to wake up at like 9. I’ve been sleeping in til like 12 or 12:30 every day, so waking up at 9 even WITH cappuccino was a challenge for me, haha. We made a trek up to Michigan for a small cook-out/party … Continue reading

Day 1 (July 21st, 2012): Welcome to The Daily Bowers!

Hello everyone and welcome to my (hopefully) daily blog posts! Obviously if you are familiar with the Daily Paul, that is what my blog name is inspired from. Yes, I am a strong advocate for Dr. Ron Paul and am hoping that he still does well in Tampa this year. Anyway, so I’m not sure … Continue reading

Hello world!

Hello, hello, hello everybody! And welcome to the the Daily Bowers blog! I will be posting here to inform you about random things in my life! I have no idea if these will be daily or not! But thanks for tuning in 🙂   -Tyler