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The Daily Paul is inspired by Ron Paul (September 10th, 2012)

So up until recently, the Daily Paul showed off a picture in the top corner that told everyone that it was inspired by Dr. Ron Paul. However, they just took it down without warning a few days ago. Many people were angered and outraged by the removal of the photo, myself included. There wasn’t any … Continue reading

Day 11 (July 31st): Band Camp Day 2

So today was another day of band camp. It was SOO hot out today. 😦  We did more charting and more pregame and all that fun stuff. But really that is ALL I did today. I got home from that and went to visit a friend that I haven’t seen in forever, Shelbie 🙂 and … Continue reading

Day 10 (July 30th, 2012): Band Camp, Day 1

That was really the highlight of today. Band Camp! We just started out with some drills, some halftime music, some pregame, some stand tunes, some of it all. I’m pretty excited, I actually get to play Alto 1 music this year. Although I probably would have played it anyway as I already had the part … Continue reading

Day 9 (July 29th, 2012): It’s Sunday! (Aka, the last free day of summer!)

Well, not really. But just about.  I start band camp tomorrow morning bright and early. As in Monday. So I really need to be getting to bed soon so I apologize if this is a short blog post!  Today for church I went and visited another Methodist church with my dad (visiting churches is part … Continue reading

Day 8 (July 28th, 2012): Bit of a down day!

I didn’t really do a whole lot today; just watched some YouTube videos and played some Call of Duty. I don’t really mind though, what with the 2 college visits the past two days and this being one of my last free days this summer. Monday I start band camp.. every morning for 2 weeks. … Continue reading

Day 7 (July 27th, 2012): Visiting BGSU and Ron Paul related news!

So I visited BGSU today. Unfortunately I didn’t feel well at the time of the tour, so I didn’t get to tour the campus. From what I saw (and heard, from the presentation,) it seems like a fairly nice college. I’m not sure if I want to go there though, it seems pretty big, especially … Continue reading

Day 6 ( July 26th, 2012): Ohio State (Lima Campus) College Visit!!

So today, we went and visited the Lima Campus of THE Ohio State University. All in all, I’ve gotta say I am REALLY impressed with it. It’s not too large of a campus, which is good, because I don’t know if I want to jump right into college with a massive campus. Not only that, … Continue reading

Day 5 (July 25th, 2012): Audit the Fed!

Today the Audit the Fed bill passed with an overwhelming majority in the House of Representatives! It needed a 2/3rds majority but managed to get far more than that. So next it has to pass in the Senate, so let’s hope that it can do well there as well!  Tomorrow (as in Thursday,) I am … Continue reading

Day 4 (July 24th, 2012): Let’s Talk Politics!

Hey all! So today, Dr. Paul’s Audit the Fed bill was debated in the house and the vote for it is tomorrow. I saw a couple good speeches for it and I know a majority of the house co-sponsors it, so I am very optimistic about tomorrow’s outcome of the vote and can’t wait to … Continue reading


Day 3 (July 23rd, 2012): It’s a day late, I apologize!

Sorry for the late post. I was out of town all day and didn’t get back til late, and I didn’t remember to do this until just now! __ So yesterday, I drove up to Wauseon to hang out with one of my best friends, Eva. We went and saw Spiderman, and I’ll admit that … Continue reading